Integrated Studio control room side view

Many of the architectural images on this site were shot in media production facilities. The lighting schemes in these environments typically provide low to moderate light levels in order to create a comfortable ambiance and ensure that displays and screens are not overpowered. (Home theater lighting is designed with similar objectives.) However, low-light environments create real challenges for photography. Studio strobes can be employed but they may overpower the architectural lighting and diminish image depth and dimensionality. We have developed lighting and post-production techniques which we believe work very well for these spaces.

Our "people" images sometimes involve architectural settings where the objective is to show both the people and the environment in a flattering way. In some cases, we have created two different lighting setups (and resulting images) to maximize the quality of each, and then layered them together to create the final image.

We have been "getting our feet wet" with product photography and plan to expand our portfolio of product shots in the future.